Data Collection and Reporting


All funded YouthBuild USA National Mentoring Alliance programs are required to participate in the data-collection, assessment, and reporting requirements that accompany the OJJDP funding and YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network responsibilities.

There are five main components to the data collection and reporting required of YouthBuild USA National Mentoring Alliance members:

1. Monthly Program Data Reporting

Each month, participating mentoring sites will submit several pieces of information about how things are progressing. Data is due to YouthBuild USA on the last business day of each month.

2. Quarterly WebSTA-Q Reporting

National Mentoring Alliance sites are required to submit data quarterly to YouthBuild USA, through the WebSTA-Q system. Data is due at the end of the month following the schedule below:

  • Q1: Jan - Mar (Due end of April)
  • Q2: Apr - Jun (Due end of July)
  • Q3: Jul - Sep (Due end of October)
  • Q4: Oct - Dec (Due end of January)

The Data Services Team at YouthBuild USA (617-299-9089) is available to support you as you provide data for the Affiliated Network and your mentoring grant.

3. Semi-Annual DCTAT Reporting

DCTAT is the grant deliverable reporting tool for the OJJDP Mentoring Grant. Every six months, sites will be required to log in and answer some basic questions regarding mentor and mentee demographics and specific mentoring outcomes (for more information, see the webinar on DCTAT reporting). These reports are due January 20th and July 20th.

Technical support for the DCTAT system:

4. Yearly Youth Assessment Survey Data

National Mentoring Alliance sites must administer the Youth Assessment Survey to all YouthBuild students (mentored or not) when they enroll in the program. All students also fill out the survey a second time when they exit YouthBuild. Mentored youth fill it out a third time at the end of their 15-month mentoring relationship (or later if their match continues beyond that time). For more information, see the webinar on administering the Youth Assessment Survey.

5. Mentor-Mentee Information Spreadsheet

Programs are required to keep track of mentor and mentee contact information and report this information to YouthBuild USA when matches between volunteers and students are made. One way of addressing this is by downloading the Mentor-Mentee Information Spreadsheet and using it to track basic mentor and student contact information. Submit this information to YouthBuild USA when new matches are made so that mentors can receive their mentoring pins and students can receive their YouthBuild Mentoring medallions.