Growing Strong Matches: Nurturing Relationships in the First Few Months

Wed, 08/04/2010

Interactions between mentor and mentee during the first few months of the match build a strong root system to support the growth of the relationship in the year ahead. In these early stages, staff and mentors can nurture healthy matches through intentional activities, communication approaches that build trust, and frequent dialogue and support.

Event Description

This webinar on Growing Strong Matches will help you identify activities and approaches that you can use early on to nurture a strong mentor-mentee bond. During this session you will brainstorm formats for matching ceremonies, explore appropriate activities for new matches, and learn how to support youth and mentors.

This one-hour session will be presented by Amy Cannata of the National Mentoring Center at Education Northwest.

To participate, you will need both a reliable Internet connection and phone line to connect to a toll-free teleconference number.

Files from the Webinar

Sample Match Commitment Event Materials from Providence YouthBuild:

For more information, please contact Melissa Medina.