National Mentoring Alliance Training Institute #3

Tue, 04/05/2011 - Thu, 04/07/2011
Hilton Crystal City - Washington, DC

This major training event prepared new NMA programs for success, addressed challenging programming areas, and assisted in integrating mentoring into the core components of their YouthBuild program. All existing NMA Mentoring Coordinators were required to attend the event.

General Files

Plenary and Breakout Session Files

Beginning Your YouthBuild Mentoring Program - Dr. Susan Weinberger and Judy Taylor

Building Connections with Youth to Keep the Mentoring Relationship Going
- Clara Carter

Creative Recruitment
- Dr. Susan Weinberger

Data Collection Update
- Tommy McClam and Melissa Medina

Help with Financial and Data Reporting
- Tommy McClam, Melissa Medina, and Charles Ciano

Leveraging Social Media
- Craig Bowman

Moving Towards Sustainability
- Craig Bowman

NMA Community of Practice Updates
- Michael Garringer

Preparing, Training, and Supporting Mentees
- Judy Taylor and Mary Starks

Ramping Up for Year 2
- Nicky Martin

Recruiting African-American and Latino Male Mentors: Gaining More "Man" Power for Mentoring
- Clara Carter

Sharing What We Know: Using the YouthBuild Mentoring Alliance to Build Stronger Matches
- Christian Rummell

Supporting Matches: Exploring Ways to Recognize, Retain, and Reinvigorate YouthBuild Mentors and Mentees Through High-Quality Match Support
- Christian Rummell

Telling Your Story: The Basics of Program Evaluation for YouthBuild Mentoring Programs
- Michael Garringer and Janet Forbush

Questions about registration and travel should be directed to Melissa Medina, 617-741-1204.

Questions about the agenda and presentations should go to Amy Cannata, 503-275-9609.