Formal Recruitment Plans

You might wish to develop a formal recruitment plan that guides your efforts throughout the year. This Operations Manual provides several tools that can help you detail your recruitment efforts:

  • The Marketing Strategies worksheet (DOC) will help you organize marketing-related tasks, such as adding mentoring information to your main YouthBuild program website, creating e-mails or flyers you can distribute to your targeted communities, and sending out press releases to announce the launch of the mentoring program.
  • The Recruitment Activity worksheet (DOC) can help you organize roles and responsibilities around tasks such as recruitment presentations and exploring partnership agreements with local businesses and organizations.
  • The Recruitment Timeline worksheet (DOC) provides a simple way to see how all of your efforts map out over the course of the year. Remember, recruitment is an ongoing effort that happens throughout the year, not a one-time task at the beginning of the YouthBuild program cycle.

You can find even more tips in our collection of Guiding Principles for Mentor Recruitment (PDF).