Introduction to YouthBuild Mentoring

The presentation below will introduce you to what YouthBuild is all about, illustrate how mentoring relationships enhance results for our students, and provide information about getting involved and becoming a YouthBuild Mentor. Click the “start” button below to begin.

Technology Requirements: You will need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and the sound enabled.

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Next steps when you are finished with the presentation…

  • If you have already applied to be a mentor in your local YouthBuild program, congratulations! Your local Mentoring Coordinator will guide you through the rest of the application and training process. We thank you for stepping up and supporting our students!
  • If you are thinking about applying to be a mentor, check with your local YouthBuild program to learn more about the application process. We’d love to have you join our mentoring movement!
  • You can learn more about YouthBuild mentoring on the YouthBuild USA website.