12 Most Self Serving Benefits of Youth Mentoring

You may have heard all the reasons why you should give back to your community, why you should mentor a young person — how it’s the right thing to do, how you can help save the world… yada, yada, yada. Right. Not to undermine all that good will, but how about taking a moment to consider what you can get out of it too?

January is National Mentoring Month. In honor of all you current and potential mentors out there, let’s take a look at what’s in it for you:

1. Build your network

Mentor training and support groups are great places to meet people who know people who know people who know people who… ya never know who you might meet who might have a need for your skills and passion. What better stuff do you have to on a Saturday morning, anyhow?

2. Go white water rafting

Or do something equally exciting. Youth mentoring programs frequently sponsor fun activities that mentoring pairs can participate in together. Get in on the action!

3. Develop new skills

The communication skills alone you can gain through the training and experience of mentoring are applicable through the rest of your life.

4. Stay tuned or get tuned in with the younger generation

Feeling out of touch with popular culture? Mentoring will get you up to speed, and quick.

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Original text by Kelly Belmonte


Associate Director of the YouthBuild National Mentoring Alliance, Kelly Belmonte is a program designer and facilitator of structured settings for the making of beauty, connection, and meaning. Wife, mother, blogger, published poet, and puttering gardener, Kelly has set down roots in her “discovered country” of New England after emigrating from upstate New York over half a lifetime ago.