Nominate a YouthBuild Student for a Peace First Prize today!

The Peace First Prize is your chance to celebrate the powerful contributions of the youth peacemakers. The prize will recognize 5-10 young people between the ages of 8-22 for their compassion, courage and ability to create collaborative change. Through a two-year $25,000 peace first fellowship, Peace First will invest in their leadership as peacemakers and share their stories with the nation.

The Peace First Prize celebrates peacemakers who have taken action to address injustice in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities. Peacemaking demands compassion (understanding other people), courage (taking risks to help others) and collaborative change (engaging others) to create justice, fairness, and peace where it didn't exist before. Sound like anyone you know? Perhaps a a YouthBuild student or graduate, or a group of young people being peacemakers in their communities? Nominate them today at! You can also read about the inaugural group of Peace First Prize winners at this site.

The 2014 Peace First application deadline is Monday, March 17, 2014 at 5pm EST. Spread the word!