Overview of the DCTAT Data for Juvenile Mentoring Grantees

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has recently released a performance report providing an overview of Data Collection and Technical Assistance Tool (DCTAT) data received for all Juvenile Mentoring Grantees through December 31, 2012. YouthBuild USA is one of over 100 organizations that have received funding through The Juvenile Mentoring Grants Program, which includes several solicitations that support national and community organizations. These organizations either directly serve youth through mentoring or enable other groups to train and recruit mentors. The goal of the Juvenile Mentoring Grants Program is to establish relationships with at-risk youth to bring about changes in attitudes or behaviors that prevent delinquency, failure in school, or other negative outcomes.

Some of the highlights of the performance measures data, include:

  • 97 percent compliance for data entry
  • A mentor retention rate of 83 percent
  • Offending rates for program youth of 1 percent (short term) and 4 percent (long term)
  • Among program youth who were tracked for the target behavior, 77 percent improved their perception of social support, and 73 percent demonstrated positive behavioral changes in social competence.

Read the full report here.