San Gabriel Valley Conservation and Service Corps Launches 24 Hour "Twive & Receive" Fundraiser to Support Mentoring

The San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps YouthBuild (SGVCC) is opening new doors of support for their mentoring program through social media. Having recently launched their Twitter account (@sgvcc_yb), SGVCC is now running a 24-hour fundraising drive to raise funds for adventurous mentoring activities.

The activities that the SGVCC Mentoring Program holds allows youth to positively explore the unknown. Many of their youth have not experienced more than what goes on in their homes or neighborhoods. By exposing youth to new experiences through positive activities, they will be able to open their minds and believe that they could succeed in their own lives.

The "Twive & Receive" fundraiser provides opportunities for individuals to donate amounts anywhere from $20 for a photography adventure for two mentees to $1000 for a group mentoring adventure and meals for 50. Find out more:

San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps is a YouthBuild National Mentoring Alliance Program located in El Monte, CA.