Turning on a Dime: The 3 Keys, 4 Steps, and 1 Killer App needed when you must change now

Tommy McClam, Director of Mentoring, and Kelly Belmonte, Associate Director of Mentoring, led a breakout session at the National Mentoring Summit last week called "Turning on a Dime: The 3 Keys, 4 Steps, and 1 Killer App needed when you must change now."

The goal of “Turning on a Dime” was to equip youth mentoring program leaders with practical tools for rapid response strategic action and the creation of a culture of ongoing assessment, learning, and positive (reality-based) change. Leaders in quality mentoring programs know the value of a learning culture that continually assesses program processes, staff engagement, and match quality. However, the challenge to “do it right” – which is frequently interpreted as an expensive third-party evaluation – can lead to paralysis of effort in the face of lacking funds, limited stakeholder support, and delayed results of studies that do not allow for adjustments within a time frame that will make a difference when it’s needed – now.

Participants in the session “Turning on a Dime” learned how to embed the three keys of strategic action within their daily operational process, conduct a four-step strengths-based needs assessment, implement strategies to address priority needs, and realize positive results in record time (and within budget). They left equipped with the basic knowledge and tools to infuse strategic thinking into daily operations and make real-time program course corrections “on a dime” and learned how to tell their 1-minute Strategic Adjustment Story, a critical skill for ongoing sustainability.

The PowerPoint used in the session is attached below (as a PDF file) along with several of the handouts used during the presentation. If you would like further information about this presentation, please contact Tommy or Kelly.

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