YouthBuild USA’s own Abrigal Forrester to sit on panel for November Collaborative Mentoring Webinar

Mentoring Disconnected Youth: How Mentors Can Help Reconnect Youth to School and Work Opportunities

November 15, 2012 |10:00-11:15 a.m. Pacific / 11:00-12:15 p.m. Mountain / 12:00 – 1:15 p.m. Central / 1:00 – 2:15 p.m. Eastern

Mentoring can play an important role in helping young people who are detached from school and without a job find ways to get back on track. In a recent study aimed at understanding how young people ages 16-24 become disconnected from school and work and what challenges they face in trying to reconnect, nearly 73 percent of those surveyed, even though they are not enrolled in school, are unemployed and do not have a college degree, remain confident and hopeful that they will be able to achieve their goals in life.

The majority (52 percent) of young people in the Opportunity Road study who said they have a lot of help and support also feel confident about their future; only 37 percent of those who self-identified as “on their own” also felt confident about their future. And, when asked about the kinds of people they would like to have helping them succeed, they said successful peers (79 percent), college mentors (69 percent), parents or family (67 percent) and business mentors or advocates from my community (65 percent).

In this month’s webinar, learn more about how to provide these youth with critical mentoring and support and how to connect your programs and organizations to federal efforts to improve outcomes for disconnected youth.

Panelists include: Abrigal Forrester, Associate Director of Advocacy, YouthBuild USA and member of the Practitioner Advisory Committee that helped with the Opportunity Road report; Jim Scheibel, speaker at the 2012 Opportunity Nation Summit, former St. Paul Mayor, past Director of VISTA and the Senior Corps and member of the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota board of directors.

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For more information about the Collaborative mentoring Webinar Series, visit the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota's website.