Organizing for Program Management

Setting Up Match Tracking Systems and Data Collection Processes

All YouthBuild mentoring programs are required to track data related to the program and its evaluation. Specific data collection instruments and timelines are covered in the section on Data Collection and Reporting. Application forms and other sources of data related to mentor and youth participation are covered in Recruiting Mentors and Getting YouthBuild Students Involved respectively. Tools that gather information about matches over time are found in Supervising and Supporting Matches.

In general, you will need to keep track of:

  • Mentor applicants and approved mentors
  • Mentee information
  • Information about matches, such as meeting activities and YouthBuild Life Plan goals
  • Data related to mentor evaluation and reporting to YouthBuild USA

Putting it All Together

As you plan your mentoring program, you may find this set of self assessment questions (PDF) to be valuable in thinking through your services. These questions need to be answered before launching the program, although you may refine how your program is delivered over the course of the first few years of operation. Make sure that the answers you develop to these self-assessment questions are aligned with the National Mentoring Alliance Quality Assurance Standards (PDF).