Program Planning and Implementation


The information in this chapter is intended to help new YouthBuild mentoring programs plan and implement their first year plus of operations. This information will also be valuable to programs who hire new coordinators or who want to revisit how their services are delivered over the course of the year.

Key Resources and Forms for this Section

Setting a Timeline for Implementing Your Mentoring Program

The YouthBuild mentoring model is designed to align with the typical YouthBuild program’s cycle or year. The sample timeline for implementation (PDF) included here is based on a YouthBuild program that begins its typical school year in the fall. It assumes that programs will begin planning over the spring and summer so that services can begin when the program cycle starts up.

Programs with ongoing or year-round enrollment will need to adjust these activities accordingly. Regardless of your program’s enrollment cycle, mentoring program activities should take place throughout the year so that students can receive as much mentoring as possible.