Staffing the Mentoring Program

Each YouthBuild USA National Mentoring Alliance program is required to have a mentoring coordinator (DOC) who is primarily responsible for overseeing the mentoring program. We encourage programs to make this a dedicated position and not split these duties across multiple staff members.

While the duties of YouthBuild mentoring coordinators will vary across programs, generally they will be responsible for:

  • Training YouthBuild staff members in the YouthBuild mentoring model and in the best practices of mentoring
  • Recruiting potential mentors and orienting potential mentees
  • Working with the YouthBuild program staff to provide mentor-rich environments
  • Working with counselors or other YouthBuild staff members to ensure the creation and updating of YouthBuild Life Plans
  • Screening and training mentors
  • Organizing and facilitating group mentoring sessions for the first three months of each program cycle
  • Organizing public matching ceremonies
  • Checking in with matches at least monthly and providing support and problemsolving
  • Organizing or coordinating quarterly service projects and other group activities for matches
  • Administering assessments, collecting evaluation data and other evidence of program success, and submitting required data to YouthBuild USA
  • Assisting mentors and mentees in evaluating their experience at the end of the initial commitment period; rematching or renewing matches as needed

Other YouthBuild staff should also be active in supporting the mentoring program:

  • Counselors helping with YouthBuild Life Plan development or working with a mentoring pair to help get them through a rough patch in their budding relationship.
  • Teachers helping integrate classroom content into service and other group mentoring activities. For example, a classroom unit on climate change could be supplemented by a group outing to the science museum. Be creative in infusing academic content into your matches’ activities.
  • Work-site supervisors providing feedback to mentors on how mentees are handling their jobs or inviting mentors to volunteer at the work-site alongside the mentee.

Involve these and other staff members during the initial planning of your mentoring program to ensure that mentoring services are integrated with the rest of the YouthBuild experience as fully as possible. Program directors should use their influence to ensure that all staff members are on board with the implementation of the mentoring program.

Your mentoring program is also encouraged to form an advisory committee that meets regularly to discuss program progress and find solutions to challenges. You can learn more about how to create and use an advisory committee in this handout (PDF).