Training Your Mentors


YouthBuild mentors who are trained in program guidelines, relationship skills, handling difficult situations, and when and how to seek staff support are much more likely to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with their mentees.

Key Resources and Forms for this Section

Training Requirements

Pre- and post-match training is required for all YouthBuild mentors, without exception. Pre-match training must be a minimum of four hours (this can be broken up over multiple sessions if one four-hour session is not feasible). These four hours of mandatory training are in addition to any initial orientation that programs provide as part of mentor recruitment or community outreach. Programs are encouraged to provide more than the minimum four hours if they feel the additional preparation will help mentors succeed in the program.

Post-match training should happen at least every other month for the duration of the match. These trainings are best delivered to all mentors at once in a group setting so that they can learn from each other’s experiences and engage in interactive training methods such as role plays.