What if a Match Fails?

One of the unfortunate realities of mentoring programs is that not all matches are successful. Sometimes a mentor and mentee will simply not click. Other times, a mentor may move away or have some other change in his or her life that ends the match prematurely.

Offer students the opportunity to be rematched if the initial match ends early or unexpectedly. You can draw a new mentor from any reserve of mentor recruits you may have, or you can help the student identify and ask someone he or she already knows to take on that role. Given that YouthBuild mentoring extends at least six months into post-graduation time, feel free to make new matches late into the program year.

Mentors whose relationships end early should also be offered the opportunity to be rematched, provided that their own behavior was not the reason for the previous match ending. See Supervising and Supporting Matches for additional tips on when to close a struggling match and Transitioning to Post-Graduation Mentoring for a sample match closure process.