YouthBuild Mentors - Getting as much as they give

Mentor Section

The information provided here in the volunteer mentor section of the Community of Practice site will be valuable to individuals and organizations thinking about mentoring our students, as well as those of you who have already stepped up to be a mentor. Here you will find:

Becoming a YouthBuild Mentor

Being a YouthBuild mentor is a deeply rewarding experience. You will provide support at a critical point in a young person’s life. YouthBuild students are doing great work in the classroom, training for the jobs of the future, and learning how to be quality citizens and community leaders. But the missing ingredient in all this might be your support, wisdom, and caring.

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Click the Introduction to YouthBuild Mentoring e-learning module to learn more about what YouthBuild mentoring is all about and how you could support one of our students!

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact your local YouthBuild National Mentoring Alliance program.

Basic requirements of our mentors
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be able to pass the screening requirements for participation
  • Participate in initial and post-match training
  • Commit to the full duration of the match (15 months) and the monthly meetings (a minimum of four hours of in-person meetings per month)
  • Participate in a minimum of four service projects with their mentee and engage in other group activities as needed
  • Participate in all post-match activities, including match supervision check-ins and data collection related to program evaluation