National Mentoring Alliance Resources

The following materials have been developed by the YouthBuild National Mentoring Alliance to support the work of our participating programs. We also make these materials available to the larger mentoring community so that we can add to the knowledge of the field and share our resources more broadly. See the sidebar for the categories of resources available for download.If you are interested in adapting or using any of the content of these materials for use in other programs, please contact Melissa Medina at YouthBuild USA.

Start here!

YouthBuild Mentoring Made Easier: A Quick Reference Guide is your personal tour guide through an annotated, hyperlinked Table of Contents that will connect you with the basics of effective mentoring for your YouthBuild program. For a short cut to all you need to move the dial on your mentoring program, start here.

New resources!

  • Ready for Success: A Profile of YouthBuild Mentoring Students - This report summarizes the findings from an assessment conducted by the Research and Evaluation (R&E) Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The focus of the study was on YouthBuild students who began participation in the YouthBuild mentoring initiative between October 2010 and September 2012. "The student profile created by this assessment paints a picture of YouthBuild students who are excited about participating in this mentoring program and believe that their participation can result in positive life changes... These confident and ready to participate students are ideal candidates for a successful mentoring experience. They appear ripe for guidance and engagement with enthusiastic and caring adult mentors, which YouthBuild Mentoring is ready and able to provide."
  • Finding Mentors, Finding Success - The guidebook offers practical advice for YouthBuild students on how they can take the lead in finding supportive adults and asking them for targeted support once they leave the YouthBuild program. It offers tips for thinking about how a mentor could help reach goals and strategies for asking potential mentors to take on that role. We have also provided facilitator notes that would allow a YouthBuild teacher, counselor, or other staff member to teach these skills to students and help them practice how to find mentoring support.
  • The Happiness Factor: Environmental Factors & Personal Qualities of Mentoring Staff that Stay - This white paper provides a summary of promising practices, attitudes, environmental factors, and personal qualities that correlate with a programmatic environment that is favorable for staff retention, as identified by the longest serving mentoring coordinators and their directors.
  • YouthBuild Mentor Recognition Badges - This new resource offers 46 badges and five "levels" of mentor achievement that your program can award to volunteers and students as they engage in mentoring activities and hit key milestones. They can be used to reward mentors, honor extra contributions, motivate matches to try new activities, and create a culture of deeper program involvement. The badges can be placed on websites and social media or added to displays or end-of-year awards and certificates.
  • YouthBuild Bulletin, Autumn 2012 - This issue focuses on the work of the National Mentoring Alliance and provides an excellent overview of the impact of our mentoring efforts, as well as feature stories that bring our mentoring relationships to light. We are thrilled to have mentoring be recognized in this way as a core component of the YouthBuild experience!
  • Mentee Training Toolkit: A Guide for Staff - A ready-to-use training toolkit designed to deliver high-quality pre-match training for your students. This interactive curriculum builds enthusiasm for mentoring at your site, answers student questions, and teaches important relationship skills. The toolkit features detailed facilitator notes and customizable PowerPoint slides organized into four, one hour training sessions. PowerPoint Slides: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4
  • Mentor Pre-Match Training Toolkit: A Guide for Staff - Designed to be an out-of-the-box training toolkit, it contains planning worksheets, training activities, pre-packaged slides, facilitator notes, and assessment tools to effectively prepare your mentors for both the group and one-on-one mentoring experiences. Minimal customization is needed. Preparing your mentor training has never been so easy! PowerPoint Slides: download
  • Quick-Start Guide for New YouthBuild Mentoring Coordinators - This job aid can help new YouthBuild Mentoring Coordinators get acclimated to their position and provides 10 critical tasks that they should complete within their first few weeks on the job. This will help maintain the quality of the mentoring program during times of transition and provides YouthBuild Directors with an easy-to-use tool for orienting new mentoring staff.